Lg 6711A20034G Remote Control

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TV : LW1812ERS, LWC1262PCG, LWHD122FR, LWHD1000CR, LWHD1000CRY7, LWHD1000R, LWHD1006R, LWHD1006RY6, LWHD1006RY7, LWHD1009R, LWHD1200FR, LWHD1200R, LWHD1209R, LWHD1450ER, LWHD1500ER, LWC253THMK2, LWC183PLMK1, LWC183PLMK0, LW2510ER, LW2511ER, LW2512ER, LW8000ER, LW8000ERY3, LW8000ERY4, LW8010ER, LWC081KLMK1, LWC101LLMK1, LWC121LLMK0, LWC121LLMK1, LWC183PLMD1, LWC183PLMDI, LWC183PLME1, LWHD1800R, LWHD1800RY7, TWC051SBMK4, TWC081KLMK1, TWC081UHMK4, TWC081ULMK1, TWC101UHMK2, TWC121LHMK0, TWC151PHMK1, TWC183PHMK0, UWC101LDMK3, WG5004R, WG5005R, WG5005RY6, WM1031, WM1231, TWC051SBMK4, RADS-151A, RAD-183B, LWHD2500ER, LWHD2500ERY7, LWHD2500ERY9, LWHD8000R, LWHD8000RY5, LWHD8000RY6, LX081BLMK1, LXC081BLMK1, LXC101BLMK0, LXC103BLMK1, LXC121BLMK1, LXC123BLMK1, LXC143BLMK1, M8004R, WM8031, LW1811ER, AGD08FA, LT081CER, LT081CNR, LT101CNR, LT103CER, LT103CNR, LT103CNR, LT121CNR, LT123CNR, LT143CNR, LT0810CR, LT0813CNR, LT1010CR, LT1013CNR, LT1030CR, LEC101ALMK2, LB8000ER, LB1200ER, BD-81A, BD-123A, L1004R, L1006R, L1204R, L1201ER, L1404R, L1804R, L1804RYT, L1810ER, L5004R, L8004R, L8010ER, LB1000ER, LT1030CRY6, LT1030HR, LW1011CR, LW1012CR, LW1014CR, LW1200ER, LW1200ERY3, LW1210ER, LW1211ER, LW1510ER, LW1511ER, LW1512ERS, LW1513ER, LW1800ER, LW1800ERZ3, LW1804ER, LW1010ER, LW1004ER, LW1000ERY3, LT1033CNR, LT1210CR, LT1213CNR, LT1230CR, LT1230CRY7, LT1230HR, LT1233CNR, LT1430CR, LT1430CRY6, LT1433CNR, LW120CS, LW240CE, LW250CE, LW1000ER, LW1810ER

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Lg 6711A20034G

Many competitors sell refurbished or used remotes. They will not hold up to the everyday use remotes take.
From Our Customers...

I recently purchased a replacement remote from your company. It was for a Zenith DVD/VHS player. Right out of the package, I put in fresh batteries, and it works!

Thank you, you are a life saver. I shall tell every one I know about your accurate and prompt service.

Carl E.
Franklin, TN

Orders are typically shipped the same day or the following business day. Short processing time for back-ordered remotes.

100%, no questions asked, no hassle, 30-day return policy.