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Have a lost or broken remote control? Why not simply replace the remote control that came with your tv/vcr/dvd with the original remote or a manufacturer's recommended substitute or replacement. This way you don't need to program a universal remote, only to find that you don't have control over all menu and special features (picture-in-picture, screen dimensions, etc.)

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LG 6710V00122P LG-ZENITH 6710T00008U LG 6710T00008Q
LG 6710T00008V LG-ZENITH 6710V00126C LG-ZENITH 6710V00126S
LG-ZENITH 6710V00126B LG 6710T00003G LG 6710V00142B
LG 6710V00142C LG 6710T00017A LG 6710T00015A
LG 6710V00141Q LG 6710V00116Y LG 6711R1N132B
LG 6710V00141T LG 6710V00126E LG 6710V00100D
LG 6710V00084X LG 6710V00116P LG-ZENITH-INSIGNIA 6710V00151W
LG 6710T00022P LG 6710T00008L LG 6710T00017W
LG 6710V00141N LG 6710T00019G LG 6710V00137K
LG 6710V00151Z LG 6710V00091V LG 6710V00126J
LG 6710V00092E LG 6710900010U LG 6710V00151K
LG 6710V00136H LG 6711R1N203A LG-GOLDSTAR 6711R1P042J
LG 6711R1N187A LG AKB32559904 LG 6710V00091M
LG MKJ36998101 LG MKJ32022834 LG 6710900011Z
LG 6711R1N183A LG 6710900010X LG 6710V00070A
LG 6710V00067K LG 6710RCAM21A LG 6711R1N145A
LG 6710900011V LG MKJ39927802 LG 6710V00090N
LG 6710V00090L LG 6710V00080C LG 6711R1N204A
LG 6710T00022Q LG AKB32559901 LG AKB32606801
LG AKB32606601 LG MKJ32022820 LG-ZENITH MKJ39927803
LG 6711RKP042A LG MKJ40653801 LG 6710V00126A
LG MKJ42519603 LG AKB36097101 LG 6710900011C
LG 6710T00003B LG 6710T00008P LG 6710T00003P
LG MKJ36998105 LG MKJ40653818 LG AKB31238705
LG-ZENITH MKJ36998104 LG MKJ36998106 LG MKJ36998108
LG-ZENITH MKJ36998110 LG AKB30648704 LG 105-201M
LG MKJ39927801 LG AKB69680409 LG AKB33871404
LG AKB35809602 LG AKB69680401 LG MKJ42519621
LG 6710T00008N LG AKB68183605 LG MKJ42519627
LG MKJ36998117 LG AKB69680406 LG MKJ61841701
LG MKJ42519632 LG MKJ42519637 LG AKB30377813
LG MKJ40653832Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG MKJ40653833 LG AKB69491503
LG AKB69680428Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG 6711R1N168B LG 6710V00142T
LG AKB72914201 LG AKB72915206 LG AKB72914002
GOLDSTAR-LG-COMFORT AIRE 6711A20034G LG 6711A20128A LG 6711A20039N
LG 6711A20128F LG 6711A20128H LG 6711A20128C
LG-GOLDSTAR 6711A20066A LG AKB72913103Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG MKJ40653825
LG AKB69680423 LG AKB72914207 LG AKB72975301
LG AKB72914001 LG AKB72914003 LG AKB33871403
LG AKB72914018 LG AKB72914240 LG AKB72914026
LG AKB72915201 LG AKB73215301 LG 6710V00090A
LG MKJ32022825 LG MKJ39927808 LG AKB69680425
LG AKB73275501 LG CFS30199224 LG AKB73375501
LG AKB72914273 LG AKB73295901 LG AKB72914052
LG AKB72914064 LG AKB72914043 LG AKB73215304
LG AKB72915239 LG 6710900010W LG MKJ32022805
LG AKB73295502 (MAGIC MOTION for INFINIA)(AN-MR200) LG AKB72915238 LG AKB72915240
LG AKB72914218 LG AKB72914053 LG AKB72914287
LG AKB72914042 LG AKB72915235 LG AKB72915280
LG 6710V00141H LG AKB72915231Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG AKB35149717
LG AKB35149706 LG 6711A20012A LG MKJ40653823
LG AKB72915266Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG AKB72914299 LG AKB72914071
LG MKJ36998126 LG 6710V00151U LG 6710T00003N
LG AKB73596502 3D MAGIC MOTION (AN-MR3005)(AGF76578707) LG AKB72914070 LG AKB73655806 (AGF76578722)
LG AKB73615316 (AGF76578710) LG AKB73615337 LG 6711A20103J
LG-ZENITH 6710CDAT05S LG MKJ36998119 LG AKB73095401
LG AKB72915287 LG AKB73596101 LG AKB73615313 (AGF76578708)
LG AKB73275675 LG AKB73615315 LG AKB72915225
LG AKB73655501 LG AKB73615801 LG MKJ61841814
LG - GOLDSTAR 6711A90019A LG - GOLDSTAR AKB73016002 LG - GOLDSTAR 6711A20034D (AKB35706901)
LG 6711A20010D LG - COMFORT AIRE 6711A20066C LG 6711A20052M
LG 6711A20128J LG 6711A20128S LG 6711A20060F
LG 6711A20060G LG COV30332901 LG COV30103901
LG 6711A20052J LG 6711A20010N LG 6711A20052A
LG AKB73597001 (AN-MR300Q) LG MKJ39927809 LG MKJ39170806
LG MKJ40653802 LG AKB73275673Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG AKB73075301Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for a less expensive option
LG AKB73656002 MAGIC MOTION (AGF76578725)(AN-MR3004) LG AKB73615336 LG AKB73356001
LG AKB72913302 LG AKB73615386 LG 6711R1P042A
LG AKB73655703 LG AKB73735801 LG AKB73736002 (AN-MR400Q)(ANMR400Q)
LG AKB73756506 - LG AGF76631001 LG AKB73775804 LG AKB73016005
LG AKB73655824 LG AKB73715608 LG AKB73855802 (MAGIC MOTION) AN-MR400K
LG AKB73756542 (AGF76692608) LG AKB73575421 LG AKB73775604
LG AKB73615602 - MAGIC MOTION (M4-MEDIA) LG AKB73757502 (AN-MR400G) MAGIC MOTION LG AKB73776202 (AN-MR400P) (AKB73915602) MAGIC MOTION
LG AKB73775902 MAGIC MOTION (AN-MR400G) LG AKB73715623 (AAA74821701) LG AKB73655858 (AGF76578736)
LG AKB34907201 LG AKB73775701 LG AKB73598403
LG AKB73035402 (MAGIC MOTION) LG AKB73596402 (AN-MR3007)(MAGIC MOTION) LG AKB69680427
LG AKB73615314 LG AKB36144904 LG AKB73655601
LG 6711A20039M LG 6711A20128G LG 6711A20128B
LG 6711A20128R LG AKB73655702 LG AKB72914015
LG-COMFORT AIRE 6711A20128K LG AKB73615319 LG AKB72914257
LG AKB73275675-U LG AKB73896401 LG AKB73615322
LG AKB72914212 LG AKB73615326 LG AKB73655808
LG AKB72915299 LG AKB73655845 LG AKB73755414Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options
LG AKB73615379 LG MKJ39170828 LG AKB73657621
LG AKB73598401 LG AKB73715656 LG MKJ42519625
LG AKB73855502 (MAGIC MOTION) LG AKB73635603 LG AKB73575431
LG AKB73715642 LG AKB73756567 (AGF76692626) LG AKB73616405
LG AKB73715698 (AGF77103901) LG AKB73775502 LG AKB73875402
LG AKB73975711 (AGF76631012) LG AGF77238901 (AN-MR500)(AN-MR500G) LG AKB73715692 (AGF77103905)
LG AKB73715690 (AGF77103904) LG AKB73975722 (AAA75271701) LG AKB73855901
LG COV31159901 LG COV30332903 LG COV30332907
LG 6711R1N182A LG AKB74115501 LG AKB73855602 (AN-MR400H)
LG AKB74095501 LG AKB73655848 (AAA74791901) LG AKB73756581 (AGF76631026)
LG AKB73035407 LG AKB73455712 LG COV31214201
LG AKB35149809 PHILIPS 996510053347 LG AKB69680403
LG AKB69680438 LG AKB33659510 LG AKB72915204
LG AKB72914036 LG AKB74475433 LG AKB74495302 (AN-MR600)(AGF77840201)
LG AKB74375511 LG AKB74455416 (AGF76631035) LG 6711A20066L
LG AKB73635501 LG AKB73715613 LG AKB73315605
LG AKB73315608 LG 6711A90031C LG COV30748146
LG AKB74095511 LG AKB74375509 LG 6711A20034S
LG 6711A20066H LG AKB72915209 LG AKB74375404
LG AKB74375403 LG AKB74475455 (AGF76692632) LG AKB73455716
LG AKB72914056 LG AKB74475401 (AGF76631042) LG AKB73635606
LG AKB73755415 LG AKB73755450Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG AKB73775801
LG AKB74475462 LG AKB73775631 LG AKB73756573 (AGF76692627)
LG AKB74815301 LG AKB73655741 LG AKB73655807
LG AKB73275667 LG 398GR10BELG00U (ROKU TV REMOTE) LF-RCRUS-16 LG AKB73755451
LG AKB72915216 LG AKB73575422 LG COV32285501
LG AKB73756524 LG AKB72915254 LG AKB73596102
LG AKB74935601 LG AKB74055401 LG AKB74475471
LG AKB73456121 LG AN-MR650 MAGIC REMOTE LG AKB73835317
LG AKB73835313 LG AKB73835312 LG 6711A20078B
LG-COMFORT AIRE 6711A20089K LG 6711A20025N LG AKB74915304 (AGF76631053) COV33659801
LG AN-MR700 MAGIC REMOTE LG 6711A20073E LG 6711A20066K
LG MKJ40653808 LG AKB73756511 AGF76631003 LG COV31630301
LG AKB72914027 LG AKB73275689Hotel Owner or Hospital Administrator - for other options LG AKB73975702
LG AKB73016012 LG AKB73016004 LG AKB73715678
LG AKB74915366 ZENITH-LG 3140OSKZ006A LG-ZENITH 6710V00141B
ZENITH - LG 6710900010P ZENITH - LG 6710V00108D LG-ZENITH 6710V00042H
ZENITH-LG 6710V00082M (SC353) ZENITH-LG 6710V00091H LG-ZENITH 6710V00091K

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